Martes, Hulyo 7, 2015

What does your computer really need? AVR or UPS?

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According to, in 2012, 2,405,518,376 people were using the computer (either laptop or desktop computer). This is at 34.3% of world’s population and I bet that you and I are one of these huge figures. Why am I saying this? I just want to point out that a lot of people are using computers and this powerful gadget doesn’t cost a dollar, it costs hundreds of dollars. And dollars can’t easily earn. It needs hard work. 

Do you want your computer to last only for a couple of months? Where it takes you six or more months to earn the dollars you need to buy it. I think no! You want to last your computer at its maximum life span. With this I strongly suggest the device called uninterruptible power supply! You may say that you already have AVR or automatic voltage regulator, but I say to you that they are two different worlds! Two different applications! So what do you need? Let’s have the tale of the tape between the two.


An AVR is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level supply to your computer. They stabilize the voltages used by your computer so that micro components will be protected from oversupply of voltages.

What it does is to simply provide the electronic load (in our case the computer) the proper or correct voltage it needs for operations.


An uninterruptible power supply is a device that serves as a backup power source when the mainline cuts off. During brownouts, the UPS helps the computer to still run for a couple of minutes more for you to save your work and properly shut down the unit. It’s energy comes from the installed battery inside the UPS. It also provides and maintains the stable and correct voltages and currents that the load needs. In short, an uninterruptible power supply is an AVR that has additional feature of providing an emergency energy source when the main line cuts off. 

That’s it! I know that this is just a short head to head battle between the two electronic devices. But this short post clearly says that what you really need is an uninterruptible power supply. Here is how uninterruptible power supply can save your business!